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Coltech-Consulting is an outcome-based consultancy helping organisations realise their goals through strategically driven digital transformation, and therefore optimising investments.

& History 01.

Coltech-Consulting started as a boutique consultancy providing outcome based consultancy and ensuring a strategic approach to transformation using new technologies to provide an excellent user experience and automated processes.


& Philosophy 02.

Coltech-Consulting founded on the principles of diversity, sustainability and ensuring our clients achieve their goals. Our success has been the result of the expertise of our consultants and staff members.


& Services 03.

Coltech-Consulting founded the firm with a desire to tackle the most challenging organisational issues.


We provide expert Consultancy...

At Coltech-Consulting, we provide high quality consultancy advice, support and results for your organisational, delivery and operational issues.
We deliver packages of work to provide strategic advice, transformation planning, development & delivery, and operations.

Get Your Consultancy Advice

Post your question and get free Consultancy advice directly from our experienced Consultants, We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Work With Expert Consultants

Our Consultants have industry expertise and will obtain the best results achievable.

We can provide Discounted Rates

We provide competitive rates but ensure we have consultants with the right skills and experience.

Strategic Review

Review your Orgnaisation, Systems and Services, to identify risks, issues and where we can support you in achieving your goals.


In Coltech-Consulting, we have a wide range of Consultancy services. Strategic Reviews, Target Operating Models, Security Vulnerability Scanning, Portflio, Programme and Project Management, Organisation, Digital and Technology Transformation, Operations Management.

Strategic Advice

Strategy provides an organisation with direction and high-level planning for achieving stated goals.

Technology & Digital Transformation

Using new technology we can help you transform your business.

Development & Delivery

Delivery into Operations more effectively, efficiently and securely.

Operations & Realising Benefits

Realise the organisational benefits in Operations ensuring your investments are optimised to achieve your strategic goals.

Review, Identify, Protect & Defend

We can provide an expert review and advise on ensuring that you meet regulatory requirements.

Portfolio, Programme & Projects

We have a wealth of experience in salvaging failing programmes, ensuring delivery through restruturing the programmes.

IR35 Insured

Our work is insured against IR35 risks so our work.


We engage with you through a Service Framework Agreement and then Statement of Work.

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We have a Strategy!

We are now all pulling (and pushing) in the same direction thanks to Coltech-Consulting.


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Digital Transformation Delivered

Thanks to Coltech-Consulting we have delivered our Digital Transformation Programme on time. It took some signficant changes advised by Contech-Consulting, but it was clear we had to make them; and thank goodness we did!.

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