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For Strategic Advice we ensure we understand your drivers and goals, the market you operate in, your competition and how you will achieve these goals effectively and efficiently. In order to define and design your Transformation we will map out your roadmap along with benefit milestones and the impact as well as risks. Along with the approach we will provide a plan showing how the roadmap and benefits will be achieved. Delivery is not just about delivering digital and technology, but we also support how your organisation needs to embrace changes in structure and culture, skills and capability. Our Development Teams will rightshore the development ensuring the costs, timescales and quality of delivery match your budget. We will also dynamically optimise delivery taking advantage of round the clock and follow the sun development. We support and provide Operations capability with our rightshoring options and ensure the return on your investments are realised.

Coltech-Consulting was a natural progression from combining the founders' skills and experience. For over 8 years we had worked on client issues, ensuring the best skills were applied to resolve client issues. We established Coltech-Consulting to provide skilled professionals across the whole lifecycle supporting large, national, and global organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. Providing Strategic Advice, Transformation Management and Design, Delivery and Development of Solutions, as well as supporting organisations Operationally.

We believe in providing the best skilled teams to ensure our clients attain their goals. We are more flexible and dynamic than anyone else you may have worked with and ensure we add value. Coltech-Consulting is focussed on supporting our clients and delivering value. We simplify complex problems with the best people, taking a holistic view. By taking a holistic view we are able to understand the impacts locally, to the organisation, and consider the ecological and environmental impacts and risks.

Our mission is to exceed our client expectations. To be distinctive in our approach to supporting our clients, thinking laterally and to optimise the solutions to organisational issues. In addition we want to build an organisation that attracts the best skilled professionals, that develops their skills, to enthuse them and retain exceptional people. We will only succeed if we provide solutions that enable our clients to be successful.

Coltech-Consulting will provide skilled consultant(s) to ensure we understand your organisation, your challenges and your culture. From this point we will discuss root causes for issues and not just perceived. For delivery and development we will discuss the outcomes you need to achieve and how best to achieve those outcomes. In all we do we will consider the implications to operations and impact to your orgnisation, as well as the wider impacts and risks. Coltech-Consulting is skilled in Strategic Advice, Transformation, especially Digital Transformation and Automation, Delivery and Development of solutions and their implementation through managed transition phases, and ensuring a safe, secure, and scalable operations environment that realises your investment. We are technically skilled in providing efficient and effective environments through Agile Teams, and our DevOps expertise and services, development in all coding languages ensuring the appropriate technology is used to deliver value, Java, Javascript, .Net, C#, NodeJS, Swift, Python, Go; architecting infrastructure and applications and database solutions. We also provide cyber security solutions and services. Finally, but not leastly Data Solutions including Data Analytics, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning models.

Finding the right people with the right skills is an award winning capability, recognised by industry as innovative in our dynamic approach.